We have them everyday.  Conversations, an exchange of ideas, thoughts, emotions or just words.  Sometimes we listen and engage and at other times it is probably doing that which is socially acceptable.  But what does it look like to have a conversation that is transformative.  One that changes the way I see myself, see the other person or even the way I see the world.

Lately, those are the conversations I crave and yet fear at the same time.  I long for transformation in my own life and those around me.  But transformation comes at a price.  It will cost me something and I am faced with the question “I am willing to pay the price?”.  For it requires that I leave the safety of what is know and what feels comfortable.  That risk is involved.

This morning I was having one of those conversations.  It was about what it means to really surrender my life to Jesus.  To live in such a way that I am willing to let go of my own agenda and plans and willing to surrender and embrace a life that is focused on others and what God would have for me.  We were talking theory and about how to live our lives missionally.  Both of us responsible for leading others and helping them to see the world differently.  But yet both us asking that question of ourselves.  If I am calling others to live a faith that is surrendered and can bring transformation, am I willing do that myself?  

Within our conversation a blog post by Mark Sayers was brought up where he shares his perspective on consumerism and why many young believers are leaving the church.  It is both convicting and telling.

Thus the introspection begins.  Where am I allowing consumerism to influence my faith journey?  What are your thoughts.


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