I need to write

It has been a season of contemplating and well frankly just being consumed with not thinking.  I know those are pretty much in opposition to each other and yet they exist.  As I have watch the newsfeed on Facebook tell me stories of outrage, injustice and opinion I have thought about what does it look like to engage in conversation thoughtfully.  There is the aspect of being provocative in the true sense of the word of provoking thought not just eliciting sensation.  I love words or thoughts that leave me challenged.  People who I may not agree with but respect the care with which they present their ideas in a manner that shows care and thought.  Those words leave me pondering what they have to say and evaluating my own perspective and experience.  I may continue to stay with my own beliefs or ideas but it allows for an evaluation of those ideas and beliefs.  Most right now my ramblings are one of getting words on a page, or well a screen.  They are still jumbled and in process but now they sit, staring back at me to come and read and think again.


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