The Artist

Yesterday as a couple of us were sharing with each other about our struggles and triumphs the most beautiful picture arose.  I which I could claim credit but it was not my idea but one I am clinging onto.


As we were talking the idea arose of how many times as we continue in our journey with God we experience greater depths of emotion and intimacy it is like we increase our palette.  As we mature so do the varied colors with which we see the world.  It is no longer black and white but a myriad of shades which bring out greater beauty.


I can just imagine the joy and delight that must bring our Father in heaven to see our eyes opening to the wide range of colors that he desires for us to engage with each and every day.  His palette is limitless but mine continues to grow as I walk with Him.  Also as my palette grows so does my capacity to love others well and go to greater depths of experience.


Having gone through art school, although never being a painter, I so appreciate the idea of creating things of beauty.  I believe that is ultimately what we experience when we see restoration come out of broken places.


May your palette be full of many colors.




 There is something about a lone bench that just beckons me to sit and stay awhile.  It is like an invitation to pause, to reflect to just be present with my thoughts.  I wish I could say I always accept the invitation but sadly many times I just move on throughout my day with all the busyness and distractions that a day brings.

But what if I took that moment?  If I saw the beauty of the invitation to sit and just be?  To be with the One who loves me dearly and longs for me to talk about my day.  To hear from Him his thoughts about me and all the places he is inviting me into what he has for me.  Oh the joy that could bring.

So I guess that is my invitation to myself and to you.  To savor those moments of a lone bench.  To see in it the beauty of the invitation to have a conversation with the One who loves you immensely that he paid the price for you to just sit and enjoy his presence.