While on lunch. 

Checking out the possibilities of writing down a few thoughts while on lunch. 

I have been struck but the contrast or opposing comments I see on social media. I recognize the space is a place to share ideas and facilitate a dialogue. Yet I wonder how much true, real, authentic conversation ever takes place. It is fascinating how you can have an opinion about something and yet not ever put a real face to an issue. That it sits out there like something “pretty” to be gazed at and pondered and not truly picked up and held. That when real life interrupts the theory some ideas get put aside or maybe thrown away or held more tightly. 

I know for me I have “friends” on Facebook on both sides of whatever the political issue may be. Watching the different posts stream across my newsfeed I think about the lives and the impact those posts may or may not have in the greater community. Wondering if what is shared helps foster conversation or just fills the space with opinions but no dialogue. 

Just thoughts, no answers. Lunch is over


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