“So, who are missional people? They are the individuals committed to forming their character and lifestyle after those of Christ and who are compelled to live out their faith in the context of a community.”  The Tangible Kingdom

The first lap was just the usual characters running around the lake.  I desperately tried to keep up with the pace that was set but quickly fell behind.  Nothing new as I am used to running solo but I so wanted to continue in relationship and conversation with the women I have been getting to know.  I mean it is a little hard to be a reflection of Christ to others when you are no where in proximity.

The second lap I was determined.  I set my mind on the fact that I would have to push my body to the limit and just keep my legs moving.  Thankfully one of the girls was feeling a little under the weather so the paced eased up just enough for me to hang it there.  Quickly the conversation turned to catching up as I hadn’t seen Cate in some time.  Life was full, busy and good.  Both of the women were in relationships and sharing about what they were experiencing and feeling.  A big decision was being made and I listened as she unfolded some of her fears and some of her excitement.  Thankfully when you are grasping to catch your breath adding words to the conversation is not very easy so all I could do was listen.

As we rounded the second mile talk continued about what it means to self sacrificing and giving to others.  How we have each experienced that both positively and where at times that has fallen short.  I don’t know if anything significant happened as we came to the end of the run but I was glad I was able to stay in it.  To not only stay with their pace but also to enter into their lives and listen to the stories.

I may not agree with all the choices but I am continuing to reflect and think about the above statement of what it looks like to reflect Jesus to others around me.  All I know for sure is that I can listen and I can care about these women and what burdens they carry and have on their hearts.  I keep praying for these conversations to deepen but for now I will continue to try to come alongside others in this community and ask Jesus to shine through me.