During this unprecedented time in history I have been thinking a lot about what I learned in school.  How every generation is shaped by the stories it is told by it’s elders, and that the ability to think and reason is a tremendous gift we have each been given.

I feel so fortunate to have had teachers in my past that challenged me to think.  To look at all angles and reason for myself my beliefs and yet also be ability to listen to others and consider their point of view.  That by looking at original sources, instead of secondary accounts, or even others opinions, you can see what might have truly happened.  Or at the very least be able to understand and read someone else’s experience of events.

When studying both art and history in college, I learned how to evaluate and look beyond the first impression.  To go deeper, to study, to probe for further insight.  To really study a piece of work or a story or an event to look beyond the surface.

During this current political climate I will admit it has been unnerved.  I have seen what propaganda can do to cultures in the past.  How ideas and mindsets can be shaped.  I value truth, honesty and integrity and feel at a loss sometimes to know what is true these days.  I guess most of all I am scared for what will be the story that is told of this current generation or season of history.  I long for a time that is full of compassion and restoration versus demolishing people.  The story is not over and I will continue to seek those stories that show the power of the human spirit and triumph of goodness.  But my heart is heavy these days.


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