Captivated by Story

Last night a group of women gathered in my home for dinner.  It was such a sweet time of entering into each other’s story.  The idea was to come together and answer the question “What are you captivated by?”

As the evening unfolded the stories became richer and deeper as experiences were shared and hearts unfolded.  Most of us could relate to being captivated by the beauty in nature; a glorious sunset, a majestic mountain, the quiet of a forest.  Yet it was the boldness of one woman to share her story of receiving forgiveness and the restoration of relationship that opened the treasure of venturing further into each other’s lives.  Blessing, peace, and experiencing the Lord’s presence all are places where our hearts are captivated.

Then I asked when have you experienced when the Lord has been captivated by you?  A hush fell over us and the weight of that question just lingered in the air.  The idea of the Lord being captivated by me???? Could that really be true.  Of course we sat there knowing intellectually that is what He says in His Word and yet the idea of truly believing that and its implications hung there.  Sweetness and freedom lay there waiting for us to believe.

As we pushed further into that idea I had a chance to read one of my favorite stories.  You are Special by Max Lucado.  This is what captivates me.  That my creator would be so loving, kind and generous with me.  That He patiently waits for me to come to Him and just spend time in His presence.

I delighted in an evening of women sharing their stories and look forward to another time of story.


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