Frozen…a story of true love

So I am a little late to the game.  I had been wanting to see the movie Frozen when it was first released, but alas that time came finally yesterday.  From all the reviews I knew I was in for a great movie.  I wasn’t disappointed.  

How chilling the line is of “don’t feel, don’t let them see” (my paraphrase).  As I watched as Elsa moved away from her home to create a place of isolation based on fear, I was struck by how many people do this in life.  In my own life, how many times have I allowed fear to isolate me from those relationships and people who could offer healing and love?  The castle might have been beautiful and yet it was a prison just the same.  Impenetrable, untouchable, cold.  Face upon face raced through my mind.  My heart aches for them, as I so want them to experience that aspect of love that would melt the walls. 

As the story progressed you see the epic battle that ensues.  The fight to overcome adversity and how it is not “true love” in the romantic sense that saves Anna or Elsa but one of self-sacrifice.  I think this is what most inspired me.  Not that I don’t love an amazing fairytale and dream of that aspect of true love.  But when it is all about self-sacrifice, it becomes available to anyone of us to offer that for another.  That walls can come crashing down by loving another through letting go of self.  

I am not sure what the original writers intended.  I know that the story resonated deep within my soul.  I also know it reminds me of what Jesus did for us through his life and death and resurrection.  To come and offer the ultimate act of self sacrifice and become my sin so that I can be restored to a relationship with God.  What a gift, what grace.  

I recently heard someone share about this aspect as it relates to communion.  That Jesus was broken and poured out for us.  Then when we remember Him, we too are called to be broken and poured out for others.  That call is great, painful, and yet I hope like this story in Frozen, ultimately one that is full of restoration for all involved.  Oh how I pray that the Lord would reveal this to me for some very specific people in my life.  To this end I pray.

So thank you to the writers of the movie Frozen.  As well to all the animators and composers to bring the story to life in a visual way.  I loved the picture you painted and I am grateful for the time well spent watching your story.



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