Where have you been?

IMG_1569A broad question for sure but one that has such opportunity.  In R. Thomas Ashbrook’s book Mansions of the Heart he says “We cannot lead others where we ourselves have not yet been.” in speaking of spiritual leadership.  On Sunday, Richard Dahlstrom spoke on the text of James 1.  I loved the way he talked of trials increasing our capacity to display Christ.

These two comments together continue to have me thinking where have I been?  Am I allowing the redemptive work of God to mold me and transform me?  I think my heart wants to to just run from pain, hurt, and trials.  Yet isn’t through those experiences that I have been transformed and refined.  That as I engage with others in their journey that I can come alongside of them to just be there.  Oh I have so far to go in this path but how I have appreciated those who have been to places that I am being lead to that can offer hope for the road ahead.  Also who can accept the tears as they come as along the journey.

Where have you been?  For I imagine there are those around you that would love your authentic story and heart to be with them as they journey forward and come behind.


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