There is something….

beautiful about sitting on the beach with waves crashing into the shore and the crackle of a fire burning brightly.  As the sun descended into the horizon so the conversation deepened.  This is what I have been longing, hoping and praying for as I think about these women.  I want them to experience coming together and hearing each other’s stories and realize they are not alone.  That God is writing his larger story and that they have a part in it.  Through heartbreak, setbacks, triumphs and just life they are experiencing the journey of walking with God and each other.

I also needed this reminder last night.  I couldn’t have felt more loved by each of them.  It was as if a collective sigh of relief was felt as we closed in prayer.  That the burdens that were deep within each heart for a moment were lifted and given over to the waiting hands of our loving Father.  I know we can experience these moments no matter our surroundings but I have to say looking into the fire and feeling its warmth there was a sense that we were delighting in something special, something restorative.


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