There is something about a lone bench that just beckons me to sit and stay awhile.  It is like an invitation to pause, to reflect to just be present with my thoughts.  I wish I could say I always accept the invitation but sadly many times I just move on throughout my day with all the busyness and distractions that a day brings.

But what if I took that moment?  If I saw the beauty of the invitation to sit and just be?  To be with the One who loves me dearly and longs for me to talk about my day.  To hear from Him his thoughts about me and all the places he is inviting me into what he has for me.  Oh the joy that could bring.

So I guess that is my invitation to myself and to you.  To savor those moments of a lone bench.  To see in it the beauty of the invitation to have a conversation with the One who loves you immensely that he paid the price for you to just sit and enjoy his presence.